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*$9.99/year + 18 labels to start.

How Golf Digit Works

Find. Scan. Return.

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Features & Benefits

Personalized Labels For Your Golf Equipment.

Durable & Waterproof

Dust and scratch resistant to ensure long label life.

QR Code

Easy to scan and return the golf club to the owner.


To help combat theft, these labels can be trackable to an extent. We will try our best to help locate your club!

Support & Recovery

Email us with your club type and lost location. We help members get their clubs back.

Unlimited Replacements

Accidents and damages happen. We want your clubs to be safe at all times.


52% less space on golf club than competitors. Small enough to fit on range finders. Label not seen from address.

Did You Know?

How many people play golf annually in America?

24.8 Million


How many rounds were played in 2020?

502 Million


How many golf courses are there in the United States?



What is the daily average of golf clubs turned in to pro shops?

2 Golf Clubs


How many golf clubs turned in per year? (Average course is open 8 months out of the year)

7.7 Million


Average cost of a golf club? (On the low end - if the average set is $500)



How much money (potentially) lost per year in lost golf clubs?

$270 Million


There is not a universalized system in place for this issue.

Until Now With Golf Digit!

Golf Digit Labels

$9.99 / year

  • 18 Labels
  • Size – .75” by .75”
  • Matte silver to blend with golf shaft.
  • Unique QR code specifically tailored to your phone number
  • 24/7 support if golf club is not returned and you are a member.
  • Recommended placement of the label 1-3” below the grip on the backside of shaft. (MUST find a flat spot and APPLY pressure)