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About Golf Digit

There is a huge issue in the lost and found golf club industry. There isn’t a single universalized system that golfers, pros, and country club owners can use when it comes to stranded golf clubs on the golf course. When you lose a golf club, there is an “Oh, shoot!” moment.

We wanted to solve this problem and provide a solution for all golfers and golf enthusiasts alike.

Introducing Golf Digit, a step closer to a solution to the lost golf club market. Golf Digit was created by a golf enthusiast who noticed QR codes everywhere around him. He thought “Why can’t we add a QR code to a golf club?” How easy it would be to return a lost golf club to someone by simply scanning a QR code and having the owners information pop up to the return the club. A cost effective solution to help fix that “Oh, shoot!” moment.” 

This is how Golf Digit was born.

Did you know?

According to a survey conducted in 2004, there is an estimated 5 million golf clubs lost annually. That’s an average of one club per day per course. Some courses reported as many as 3-5 clubs turned in a day.

- Golf Digit, LLC